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Nellis AFB

Top Gun Classroom Compromised

Nellis AFB, the home of the Air Force’s Top Gun training school had a main water line rupture in their situation room. The leak caused the building to immediately settle, as soil quickly eroded away. The CMU block constructed wall soon began to fracture after the foundation sank, making the building inhabitable. The building was soon abandoned until repairs could be made.

Engineers were contracted to design a repair that could safely be performed on the building, which unfortunately sat right next to an active taxi-way. F-16’s were constantly being prepped and moving directly next to the potential construction site.

Caissons were quickly ruled out due to the large amount of dirt needed to be excavated and hauled away. This not only took a substantial amount of time, the potential for flying rocks and debris from the jet-wash, made it extremely hazardous. Additionally their inability to offer lift without adding other mechanical means, kept caissons off the table as a viable option. Micro-piles were suggested but they too had their limitations for this type of foundation repair.

Helical piles were soon specified as the best option, but unfortunately, the engineering firm hired had limited knowledge of their use, and application. Time was important, so the solicitation was published anyway.

Foundation Technology bid three prime contractors, and was ultimately successful in being awarded the bid. We soon began the vetting process, and through discovery were offered to assist with design so the correct helical pier could be specified for the contract.


Foundation Technology completed installation ten days ahead of schedule with a perfect production record.

A digital torque monitor was used to record all piles to ensure minimum load capacity was met.

A 100% lift of the foundation was achieved, without any additional cracking or damage to the already compromised building.

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