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Water is the driving of all nature. Nothing is softer or more flexible, yet nothing can resist it. It is our best friend, and our worst enemy. Water demands respect…



Below grade waterproofing repair is a tricky business. Water can, and will find, every single flaw in the structure to intrude into your underground space. Below grade waterproofing repairs are like painting a house...blindfolded. It can be done, but it takes a bit of time to get it right.

Most commercial buildings often include spaces below ground level. That includes elevator shafts, control rooms, parking, and storage. All structures below grade are susceptible to the harmful effects of water intrusion, and the corrosion it brings.

Structural integrity of the foundation, damage to electrical and other systems can be compromised from moisture and the salts, carried by water. When the original waterproofing system fails, parking, elevator pits, utility rooms, maintenance storage, service tunnels and communication conduits can suffer greatly.

As part of the foundation, the performance of below grade waterproofing, is vital to the building life.

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We are Experts at concrete structure and below grade waterproofing services, for commercial, agricultural, food service, industrial, and institutional facilities.
  • Polyurethane Foam Injection - for positive below grade water block
  • Crystalline Saturation waterproofing - for imbedded steel corrosion protection
  • Acrylate Injection - for immediate water-stop
  • Acrylic Nanotechnology Rust Inhibitor coatings
  • Rhino Industrial Polyurea coatings - for 100% waterproofing and chemical resistance
  • Milimar Food Grade Industrial Coatings
  • Epoxy Crack Injection Epoxt-Tec Tank and Concrete Waterproof Coatings
  • Concrete Tank waterproof linings
  • Concrete Deck Saturation waterproofing - 20 year warranties.
  • Guaranteed Elevator Shaft Waterproofing Below grade parking structure waterproofing
Why hire Foundation Technology for your waterproofing projects?

Our goal with foundation waterproofing is to eliminate the water and the corrosive effects it can cause to your structure.

Unfortunately waterproofing failures are often overlooked until damage has become extensive. Design professionals tend to hear less about them until many years after the corrosive damage has begun its process.

Effective and permeant solutions may require multiple visits to determine and eliminate all water intrusion sources. This may also require a combination of systems, including injection through floors/walls , topical or saturation coatings, and even water extraction pumps and Educator wells.

Our Guarantee to you

If Foundation Technology performs the suggested procedures and water leaks into the areas we have de-watered or repaired, due to leaks in the system we installed, Foundation Technology will return and perform any additional de-watering and/or waterproofing services at no cost to our client, for a period of five (5) years from date of completion.

Our concrete topical waterproofing solutions have a warranty of ten (10) years from time of completion, for parking decks, walkways, and structural concrete, against water intrusion, and up to twenty, (20) years for commercial applications of Crystalline waterproofing.

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