Our main goal at Foundation Technology is to provide the highest level of repair and rehabilitation services for every dollar our clients spend.






The science of concrete repair and restoration or rehabilitation is our main focus. We are constantly researching and learning the latest technology and repair techniques to keep your concrete and steel structures in optimal condition.

Concrete and structural failures due to lack of maintenance, happens more than you think.

You probably weren’t even aware of the problem, until something went wrong. Unfortunately, the kind of problems associated with concrete and structural failures usually involve damage to something, or somebody.

Partnering with Foundation Technology can minimize the impact and reduce the overall repair and rehabilitation costs associated with major concrete restoration projects. We understand that every day that your facility or structure is not operating to full capacity can cost you money. Our manufacturer trained repair technicians are experts at providing maintenance and repair solutions to keep your concrete structures in optimal condition, and get them quickly back to full operation, if the do need repairs.

  • ICOR Corrosion Testing
  • Crack Inspection
  • FLIR Infrared Moisture Testing
  • Gas Penetration Testing
  • Destructive Investigation
  • Chloride Testing
  • Footing Inspection
  • Compression Testing
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  • Foundation Settlement
  • Lateral Movement Repairs
  • Helical/Push Piers
  • Limited Access Micro-piles
  • Stelcor Displacement piles Caissons
  • Machinery-Equipment Pads
  • Temporary/Ag Anchors
  • Hillside Solar Mounts
Concrete Rehab
  • Corrosion Rehabilitation
  • Spoil Repair
  • Crack Injection/Repair Carbon Fiber Rehab (CFRP)
  • Shotcrete Strengthening
  • Foundation Additions
  • Chemical Resistance Coatings
  • Slab Rocking Elimination
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  • Immediate Water-stop for all underground structures, incl. pipelines/tunnels.
  • Polyurethane injection Positive/Negative waterproofing solutions
  • Crystalline waterproofing Underground vault/elevator pit/parking/utility room
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  • Soil Remediation
  • Hydrocarbons Removal
  • Polyurethane Deep Soil Injection
  • Polyuria Soil Stabilization
  • Expansive soil elasticity reduction
  • Geo-Grids/Geo-Mats for hillside stabilization
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  • Crystalline Protective Saturation Coatings Crack Fill
  • Pressure Washing
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Decorative Deck Coatings
  • Service Contracts
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