Concrete Rehabilitation

“They swore by concrete. They built for eternity. So, everything abstract is ultimately part of the concrete. When that fails, everything fails”.



Concrete rehabilitation is generally broken into five basic types; joint/crack sealing, waterproofing, partial depth patching, full-depth patching, full sectional replacement.

Concrete is one of the most used materials around the world because it is durable, strong, and basic building material for the construction of foundational and/or structural support systems today. While incredibly strong on its own, it’s not invulnerable to damage or corrosion—and that’s when concrete repair services become necessary.

Unfortunately poor workmanship, construction procedures, and low quality materials can cause imperfections that later require repair. Long-term deterioration or damage due to man-made causes or natural forces of nature, including seismic events, must be corrected.

Neglecting to perform periodic maintenance and concrete foundation repairs to structures as they occur could result in failure of the structure from either a structural or hydraulic standpoint. This in turn may threaten the continued operation of the structure supported by concrete. Not only will it halt businesses, public utilities, and more from functioning, but it may also create health hazards to those around it.

Foundation Technology works with Prime Contractors, property managers, and building owners directly to work on any size concrete repair or rehabilitation project. Should the concrete be beyond saving, you can depend on us for concrete replacement to completely refurbish your facility and infrastructure. To learn more about our concrete rehabilitation services, please contact us at any time. Foundation Tech has a long and varied history of working on all sorts of concrete projects, ranging from municipalities, institutions, and commercial facilities to residential homes. Our experts will be able to explain our services in greater dealer and help you find the right service you need for your concrete foundations and structures.

    Floor or wall movement, extensive cracking, improper alignments, settlement, joint displacement, and extensive undermining are signs of major structural problems requiring often requiring extensive repairs. In conditions where concrete replacement solutions are required to repair deteriorated concrete, Foundation Technology works with registered professional engineers to determine and design the best repair methodology. Our thorough inspection services are a valuable resource for providing needed assessments to engineers designing you next rehabilitation project.

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