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If it sits on or in the soil, the chances that it will eventually move is the surest bet one can make.



Foundation Technology offers geotechnical services such as soil repair and soil stabilization services for beneath your structure or slab, that has been disturbed, altered, or become unstable for any reason after the structure has been built.

Too much water, not enough, seismic movement, man-made vibration, erosion, material failure. Whatever the cause, if and when your structure is showing signs of failure due to poor soil mechanics, Foundation Technology can increase the soil stability beneath, quickly and efficiently without the need of removal and re-compaction.

Fill voids under slabs and foundations. Repair and stabilize disturbed soils after plumbing leaks or sewer repairs. Stop erosion from underground water seepage. Stabilize hillside erosion after fire or flood. Stabilize high water consumption areas under slabs and around tanks. Stabilize sea-walls, bridge abutments and structures from failing soils.

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Soil stabilization: a general term for any physical, chemical, mechanical, biological or combined method of changing a natural or previously altered soil to a more stable or sound support for the structure embedded or sitting upon that soil.
  • Chemical Compaction Grouting
  • Permeation Grouting
  • Ground Water Shut-Off
  • Sandy Soil Stabilization
  • Rock-Lock
  • High Compression Cement Grouting
  • Deep Injection Soil Stabilization
  • Void Filling
  • Trench Stabilization
  • Shoring Stabilization
  • Geo-Grids Stabilization
  • Soil Nails/Tie Backs
  • Elasticity Reduction
Soil Elasticity and Swelling of Clay Soils

Clay soils have a propensity to swell with moisture causing foundation and slab to lift. The swelling, and shrinking percentage, or elasticity index if too high can cause substantial damage to concrete structures.

Soil injection is an appropriate remedy to use when upward movement has started to affect a foundation and large expanses of slab. Chemical injection does not reverse the uplift, but can help prevent the upheaval from increasing and/or spreading. Sometimes called the soil stabilization process: the aim is to reduce or stop the upheaval. Foundation Technology uses products from EarthLoc.

EarthLoc is a non-toxic, water soluble chemical (potassium salts and ammonium ions) that is injected into the ground under your building. These chemicals inhibit the day soil’s ability to absorb water so that soil beneath you greatly reduce swelling and structure damage.

The chemical soil injection process was designed specifically for use in both residential builder and commercial applications.

Airport- Runways, Taxiways, Pedestrian walkways Commercial Malls- where irrigation can cause swelling New Construction- where high elasticity is present Agricultural- packing and processing yards Theme Parks, Institutions- large water users

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