Industrial Foundation Repair

Because of the intense nature of industrial facilities, a strong foundation is necessary to endure the stress of heavy machinery, vehicles, and more. Concrete is often favored as an effective foundation that is cost effective and utilitarian—perfect for industrial facilities that often need to cover a wide area. While concrete is a strong material, it’s not invulnerable. Industrial foundation repair services are necessary to protect your facility. For example, industrial concrete repair services fix damages like stress fractures of foundation settlement and prevent corrosion from moisture or chemicals with protective coatings or watertight seals.


Consider our many services that relate back to industrial foundation applications:

  • Sidewalk/slab settlement repairs
  • Polyurethane foam injection
  • Concrete corrosion testing
  • Concrete rehabilitation
  • Waterproofing
  • Immediate water-stop in below-grade structures
  • Foundation lifting/repairs
  • Helical/push resistance piles
  • Post construction de-watering
  • Deep soil injection/stabilization
  • Slab rocking repairs/spalling


Corrosion is often the most subtle issue foundation materials can suffer from. Typically a result of water moisture or chemicals, corrosion can weaken and cause massive damages over time before you even realize it. Such corrosive weakening can pose a major workplace hazard if left neglected, creating an unsafe work environment by allowing dangers like unstable and brittle foundations or the growth of mold and other hazardous substances to proliferate. Chemicals in particular can be incredibly hard on your foundation, so investing in corrosion-resistant coatings will save you a world of headache later—especially if it is exposed to chemicals regularly.


Learn more about our industrial foundation repair services by getting in contact with us today! Our experts will be happy to walk you through our various services and help you understand what we can do for an industrial environment. To prevent issues that may hinder your business or harm employees, industrial structural repair is an incredibly important part of maintaining the infrastructure of your facilities.

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