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Costa Mesa Furniture
Von Hemet Interior

Von Hemert, a high end furniture store in Costa Mesa, had
spent thousands of dollars on engineers and contractors, to
stop water intrusion from seeping into his showroom floor,
from the higher elevation property adjacent his. Over the
course of a few years, storm water and irrigation runoff had
caused the footing to undermine, and water to seep through
the concrete floor creating yearly cleanup messes, not to
mention constant insurance claims for damaged

Initial repairs to block water intrusion from entering at the
cold joints of the CMU block constructed building, proved
worthless, as the water found another way in, every time it

Investigation by Foundation Technology found voids
underneath much of the warehouse concrete floors. We
correctly surmised that this was one of the major water
sources entry points, as the building was constructed at the
bottom of a natural ravine. additional water entered along
the cold joint between the slab footing and the CMU concrete
block constructed walls.

Subsequent investigations showed that the perimeter footing
was also undermined along a drainage channel constructed
to move water away from the building rear. Apparently it took
more than just the water.

Foundation Technology was contracted to provide a solution
to stop the water from intruding onto the interior floors, and
fill the voids without necessitating removal of concrete slabs.


16,000 lbs…

ECP-Push Resistance Piers

Additional …

GPR- Void Locating

While …

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