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Do You Charge for Estimates?

Generally, no, but there is a charge for investigations, testing, and providing repair specifications. We will discuss your needs and requirements before setting an appointment to visit your property or structure.

Do you Build New Foundations?

We can, and we have, but our main focus is the rehabilitation of concrete structures above and below ground. We do however install foundation supports piles for new construction projects, and design and construct new foundation support

Is it necessary to do concrete testing before providing a rehabilitation or repair proposal?

Generally it is not absolutely necessary to complete concrete testing if the damage or corrosion is localized and/or in need of emergency repairs. Most structural failures are not visible until the damage is extensive. Nondestructive concrete and corrosion testing is the most effective method of determining potential failure and maintenance issues. Foundation Tech offers both destructive and nondestructive testing, including corrosion predictive testing, and crack assessment.

Why is concrete corrosion resistivity testing important?

Exposure of reinforced concrete to chloride ions is the primary cause of corrosion in steel reinforcement. Chloride ions, present in groundwater leaching alkaline salts, and seawater, into reinforced concrete can cause severe structural deficiencies in concrete footings, and walls. Corrosion from below ground structural elements can migrate upward, extending the damage to columns and beams. If visible rust or corrosion is present, corrosion resistivity testing is the best method for determining potential failures.

How does Polyurethane foam work for soil stabilization?

The soil beneath your structure can become unstable or incapable of supporting your structure or foundation for many reasons. Generally, during construction, the soil was removed and compacted with mineral additives and water, to create a solid support based on the recommendations from a geotechnical engineer. The signs of soil problems may quickly surface, or take years to materialize. Poor compaction, excessive water, erosion, seismic event, freeze/thaw cycles and decomposition may cause the soil to become unstable, causing cracking slabs, depressions, settlement, and eventual structural failure. Heavy traffic will increase the problem, eventually creating substantial repair needs. Injecting highly expansive and hydro-insensitive (water repelling) polyurethane foam deep into the affected area will cause the soil to compress and become extremely stable without having to excavate and re-compact. There is no need for removal and closure of the affected areas. The process is permanent and offers a cost effective and downtime reduction solution to any soil stability problems.

Crystalline waterproofing is a technology that involves the development of crystals to help achieve watertight concrete structures. Crystalline waterproofing is available as a waterproof saturation coating for concrete, or an integral admixture for new construction, for use in both above and below grade applications.

What Areas do you Provide Services?

Foundation Tech provides foundation repair/settlement/waterproofing, and concrete rehabilitation solutions for residential/ retail and commercial customers, throughout the metropolitan Los Angeles basin, and Govt. /Public Utility customers throughout the western US Federal Government projects nationwide, case by case.

Do you hire Sub-Contractors to perform your work?

Foundation Tech is a “self-performing” contractor, meaning we do all the work ourselves, with certified and qualified installers. We utilize local union labor force, where required on prevailing wage projects, and hire when necessary to provide you with services based on your time-lines and schedules. Engineering design is provided through licensed structural or geotechnical firms we have long term working relations with.

What is the difference between Positive and Negative Waterproofing?

Positive side waterproofing is applied to the wet or exterior face of foundations or slabs on grade and below grade, as well as above grade structures and suspended slabs. It is the predominant type of waterproofing used in new construction, since it is applied on the “wet” side of a structure. Negative side waterproofing is applied to the dry or inside face of the subsurface, and often applied after construction or for repairs. Both “positive” and “negative” side waterproofing are used in the elimination of water leaks and damp/wet below ground structures. Both types of waterproofing procedures have advantages and disadvantages. Foundation Tech provides both positive and negative waterproofing solutions for concrete rehabilitation and water leaks in all concrete applications.

Will polyurethane foam lift any structure?

In theory, yes, but in real world applications, there are many considerations for using polyurethane foam to lift a structure. Polyurethane lifting foam is a fast reaction expansive foam, (10-30 seconds), that creates pressure underneath the injected area. The expansive lifting capabilities can be as much as 200lbs. per square inch. When applied to foundation remediation, expanding polyurethane foam is formed in the ground under conditions which are less controlled than in manufacturing processes or in the laboratory. During expansion, the foam will always take the least path of resistance, which often does not mean directly underneath where you want lifted. Slabs are easier. Footings and fractured concrete are much harder to raise. Void fill and deep soil injection is the most effective use of polyurethane beyond simple slab raising.

We specialize in stopping water from entering below grade structures, “after” the building was constructed. This includes identifying the source, and probable corrosion problem then providing a comprehensive waterproofing solution that may also include de-watering the surrounding soil, by mechanical means.

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