Federal Military Foundation Repair

Federal Infrastructure Repair-All buildings and permanent installations necessary for the support, of the federal government, and military forces operations within the continental United States.


Foundation Technology provides federal military foundation repair services that include direct emergency concrete repair services, inspection & testing, and sub-contractor services to prime contractors doing business the with the federal government, based on the expertise listed.

Foundation Technology can mobilize quickly and efficiently to provide emergency RFP services like inspection/testing services to ensure transportation networks are able to remain safe and efficient. Because of the massive size of the United States, ensuring the military can respond and move quickly is a necessity.

We offer competitive bids to prime contractors engaged in federal or DOT projects. Foundation Technology complies with all business regulations for federal contracting, including labor standards, and Section 503 requirements. When it comes to ensuring transportation networks are safe and efficient, federal military foundation repair services are a necessary investment to provide preventative maintenance, protective coatings, and quick response to any damages or corrosion.

Roads and foundations are exposed to the environment in addition to enduring the wear and tear of heavy machinery and traffic. Moist environments are particularly corrosive if not taken care of regularly by a professional. Structural repair is similarly necessary for concrete structures.

Foundation Tech is a certified SBE Company.


  • Helical/Push Resistance Piers
  • Foundation Settlement Repairs
  • Deep Injection Soil Stabilization
  • Below Ground Waterproofing
  • Concrete Structure rehabilitation
  • Runway Settlement
  • Concrete structural repairs
  • Concrete Corrosion Testing
  • Corrosion Predictability Mapping
  • Structural Observation/Inspections
  • ASTM Concrete Testing
  • CFRP Structural Repairs
  • Crystalline Waterproofing
  • Rhino Industrial Coatings

For more information, you can contact Foundation Tech at any time. Our experts are experienced in federal military structural repair and are committed to providing service with the professionalism and efficiency the military demands.

Some of our Past Clients

  • Nellis AFB
  • China Lake NWC
  • E-Corp
  • Vandenberg AFB
  • US Forest Service
  • FNMA-Fannie Mae
  • FHLMC-Freddie Mac

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