Institutional Foundation Repair

Institutions like prisons, schools, hospitals, and more all use materials like concrete as a common building material because they’re typically large and require materials that are cost effective to cover a large area. As such, institutional foundation repair services are necessary to protect these institutions and ensure they are capable of maintaining their functions for the public. The condition of these institutions provide the first impression they give and must inspire confidence in the public that needs to use or benefit from the services of these facilities. A damaged and corroding hospital doesn’t seem competent and metes out as many health hazards as medicines. Meanwhile, a school with damaged or corroded concrete will seem neglected and give the impression of being a poor place for kids to learn. Institutional structural repair ensures our public facilities and institutions remain in good condition and are able to provide the most comfortable and functional environment possible.

With years of experience in concrete repair, Foundation Tech is the obvious choice for restoring and repairing the concrete that makes up your institution. Our institutional foundation repair services will ensure your facilities remain in good condition for as long as possible. Our services include:


Helical/push resistance piers

Foundation settlement repairs

Deep injection soil stabilization

Below-ground waterproofing

Concrete structure rehabilitation

Runway settlement

Concrete structural repairs

Concrete corrosion testing

Corrosion predictability mapping

Structural observation/inspections

ASTM concrete testing

CFRP structural repairs

Crystalline waterproofing

Rhino industrial coatings

To learn more about Foundation Tech as an institutional structural repair service, give us a call today! We’ll be happy to share more information about what we do and how our services can protect the institutions that help our society function. No material is invulnerable, and as age, weather, and wear and tear take hold, so foundations will always be at risk of damage or corrosion. Our foundation repair for institutions is a necessary and convenient way to take preventative measures and maximize the lifespan of materials like concrete.