Foundation repairs are like toothaches. The longer you put them off, the more it will hurt you, and the more it will cost. And, we both know, it wont just go away.



We provide leading edge solutions for foundation repair and structural piles for most small to mid size foundational support applications, including new construction foundation supports. Our Specialty is foundation settlement, and limited access micro-piles for repair, new construction, and increased load applications, including seismic retrofitting.

There are many contractors offering foundation repair as part of their “extra” services, or foundation repair companies only interested in pushing pipe, and selling you “their” guaranteed system… but is that really solving your foundation problem?

As our name implies, this is what we do best. We believe there is more than one way to repair or support a foundation that has settled. Which one is right for your building depends on many factors, all of which we will investigate thoroughly, and provide you with a detailed repair proposal.

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  • Foundation Lifting
  • New/Rebuilt Footings
  • Stem-wall repair
  • Post Tension Repairs
  • Helical Piles up to 7in. shaft dia.
  • Push Piles
  • Displacement Screw Piles to 800kip
  • Limited Access Micro-Piles
  • Polyurethane Foam Lifting
  • Deep Injection Soil Stabilization
  • Soil Elasticity Reduction
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring Systems
Foundation Lifting
New/Rebuilt Footings
  • Settlement or uneven floors, (any floor).
  • Rust leaching through basement or below ground walls or floors
  • Continual water leaking at expansion joints/seams. or through below grade floors.
  • Cracks in concrete walls and columns. Spider cracking that grows larger
  • Diagonal cracks in perimeter walls, and columns.
  • Below grade expansion joints getting wider. Lifting of slabs.
  • Spalling and/or buckling floors, especially in underground parking areas.
  • Fractures in tilt-up panels. Seams uneven or tilted.


We are experts in engineering and installing “push” resistance and helical pier foundation systems for commercial and residential applications, if and when, steel pier technology is the correct repair solution. Sometime it’s not. Sometimes there’s a much simpler solution, or quite possibly a much more involved repair technique.


When you hire the professionals at Foundation Technology to repair your foundation, you can rest assured we will not only determine the best possible repair solution, it will be the correct method, based on your needs, and budget requirements, even if the repair doesn’t include pushing pipe!

"A Firm Footing is the Key to a Solid Foundation".

"We Fix Both".

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