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Why hire Foundation Technology for your below grade waterproofing and concrete restoration projects?
Our Guarantee to you.

If Foundation Technology performs the suggested procedures and water leaks into the areas we have de-watered or repaired, due to leaks in the system we installed, Foundation Technology will return and perform any additional de-watering and waterproofing services at no cost to our client for a period of five (5) years from date of completion.

Our concrete topical waterproofing solution has a warranty of ten, (10) years from time of completion, for parking decks, walkways, and structural concrete, against water intrusion, and to twenty (20) years for commercial applications of Crystalline waterproofing.

Polyurethane Foam Injection for positive below grade waterproofing & soil stabilization

Acrylic Nanotechnology Rust Inhibitor Coatings.

Acrylate Water Stop for cracks and cold joints.

Rhino Industrial Coatings for corrosion/ high wear

Carbon Fiber Crack Repairs.

Epoxy Crack Injection Repair.

Semi Ridged Polymer injection for control joints

MiIamar Food Grade Industrial Coatings

Epoxy-Tec Concrete Spall Repairs

Concrete Tank Waterproof linings

Unfortunately waterproofing failures are often overlooked until damage has become extensive. Design professionals tend to hear less about them until many years after the corrosive damage has begun its process.

Foundation Technology provides cost effective solutions for water intrusion, corrosion, and moisture/damp control for any below grade structure. Positive/Negative Waterproofing and corrosion protection solutions with guarantees, and long term warranties. To schedule an inspection for your water intrusion problem, call.

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